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About The Authors

Nigel and Jenny Chapman produce college textbooks, technical books and related digital content and Web sites which are used by students, lecturers and professionals in almost every country of the world. Our work draws upon many years experience of teaching at some of the world's best higher education institutions, combined with more than 15 years of continuing professional practice in the subjects we write about.

Our textbooks are the standard course texts in their subject areas in colleges and universities all around the world. We are committed to a fully international service and always try to ensure that our material is suited to the requirements of the many different cultures in which our books are used. We take particular care to ensure that all our examples and illustrations are not culturally insensitive, and are appropriate for use everywhere.

Brief CVs for each of us are presented below. For more detailed information, please follow the links to our professional profiles on LinkedIn. A complete list of all our published and forthcoming books is available on our MacAvon Media Web site, which sells low-cost PDF versions of our books and lecture slides, and provides free teaching materials for lecturers.

Nigel Chapman

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Dr. Nigel Chapman is an internationally respected author of major textbooks and professional books on Web design, digital media and programming languages, and an experienced Web developer.

A graduate of Cambridge University, Nigel Chapman has taught and studied at several of the world’s best universities. Nigel was a Lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at University College London for 11 years, and a Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) for 3 years. He holds the following university degrees:

Jenny Chapman

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Jenny Chapman is co-author and illustrator of our textbooks on digital media, Web design and Photoshop, author of a popular trade book on Web animation, and an experienced Web designer. She is also an award-winning animator/multimedia filmmaker whose work has won prizes in film festivals around the world.

A graduate of the University of Leeds and of Edinburgh College of Art, Jenny was formerly a part-time Lecturer in Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, specializing in teaching experimental and new media animation, and digital media applications. Earlier, she taught Art History and Theory while doing postgraduate research at the University of St. Andrews, and worked at University College London, typesetting and publishing academic and research publications. She holds the following university degrees: