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Lecture Slides Overview

The pages in this part of the site display embedded versions of the Key Points slides for each chapter. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for you to view the embedded slides.

Lecture Slides for College Lecturers and Instructors

College lecturers and instructors are invited to download sets of Key Point slides for all of the main chapters in Web Design: A Complete Introduction from our downloads site, MacAvon Media. This forms part of our Services for Lecturers, available through a free MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account.

If you don’t already have a MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account, request a Lecturer’s Account now.

The slides are available in pre-constructed sets of PowerPoint slides, sets of high-quality PDF slides, and special lecture slides “kits”. Because the PowerPoint and PDF sets are not editable we have also provided kits in the form of zip archives containing all of the Key Points from each chapter in plain text files plus image files of all the figure slides from our own slides sets.

Pocket PDF Key Points Slides for Students

Small format (480 × 300 pixels) sets of PDF slides are now available to buy at very low cost from the MacAvon Media Downloads Store. These Pocket PDF slides contain exactly the same material that you can view in the Flash versions on this site, but the quality is higher and the size and shape of the slides have been adapted to fit a mobile phone or iPod Touch screen.

Pocket PDF Slides are intended to assist you in memorising the key points from each chapter and for use as a personal version of the lecture slides which you may have seen in your lectures. They are primarily designed for display on mobile phones and iPods, but can of course also be used on larger devices such as Apple’s iPad or your computer.

Try a free download of the Pocket PDF slides for Chapter 1 (Web Experiences), to check that you can display the slides on your chosen device.