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Introduction to the References

For each chapter we have provided a collection of links to relevant Web pages. We have tried to include all the important standards, as well as tutorials and other useful resources, but we cannot claim to be comprehensive. Further links will be added from time to time.

For some chapters, we have also included books that you might find valuable as supplements to Web Design. The links on the titles of the books point to their page at amazon.co.uk, where you can find full bibliographical details and user reviews.

We have been selective in including books, since the best place for information on most technical topics, such as XHTML and CSS, is the Web itself. We have only provided references to books where we think they add something to the material we have linked to on the Web and in Web Design itself. By far the biggest collection of book references is for Chapter 10, since visual design is well served in print but not on the Web. Nevertheless, we have not yet found a really good book about visual design specifically for the Web.