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Examples for Chapter 9

Images Demonstrating Red/Green Confusability

Download the image files. Zip archive, 1.3MB.

Figure 9.1

Figure 9.1

Experiment with simulating how this image file will appear to people with different types of defective colour vision. There are links to useful simulation applications in the Design Tips on Designing for Accessibility under the heading Colour Blindness Testing and Image Correction.

Figure 9.3

Figure 9 3a Figure 9.3b

If you have an access to an image manipulation program, experiment with adjusting the greens and reds in these images to different values. Use the Photoshop files (in the downloads zip archive) if you can as they have an editable text layer. These images too can be tested with a colour blindness simulation program, or you can change the Image Mode (in Photoshop) to Grayscale, or set your screen to greyscale to see how contrast changes.

Figure 9.4

Figure 9 4 Plain Figure 9 4 Fancy

Once again experiment with adjusting the reds and greens to observe the effects of the changes on tonal contrast.