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Examples for Chapter 3

Since the examples for this chapter are purely XHTML files, you can download each one just by using your browser's Save As... command after opening an example in its own window. For convenience, we have also provided a zipped archive of all the examples.

The chapter is about markup, so none of these examples uses any style sheet. As a result they all look extremely unattractive, especially the tables. You will observe that, where headings are included, they are displayed in the browser's default style, which means they are disproportionately large (cf. Figure 3.2.)

Download the source for all markup examples. Zip archive, 8kB.


Figure 3.4

Examples of three types of list opens a new window.


Figures 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7

For this example, we have combined all three versions of the table displayed in Figures 3.5–3.7 into a single document.

Three examples of tables opens a new window.


Figure 3.9

Try looking at the example form in as many browsers as you can, to see how they display control elements differently. Note that there is no action attached to this form, so the submit button doesn't do anything.

Figure 3.9, example form opens a new window.