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Errata for Chapter 10

page 555, end of line 10 to 11, should read:

because we see that the arrangement ...

page 556, four lines from bottom. 'Web desginer' should read 'Web designer'. (Thanks to Remy Reijven.)

page 564, line 4. The reference to Figure 10.8 should be to Figure 10.9. (Thanks to Remy Reijven.)

page 603, 2nd paragraph. Both occurences of textindent should read text-indent. (Thanks to Remy Reijven.)

page 604 in the Key Points, the sixth key point should read:

The perception of patterns and structures is determined by the grouping of objects in a visual field

page 606, in the 2nd point under Colour and Tone, at the beginning of the 2nd line, 'reponse' should be 'response'. (Thanks to Remy Reijven.)